The Details

MXTV, a nationally and internationally televised Christian television program has opened an avenue for you, the independent artist, to strut your stuff!

MXTV - a television show that is visually geared to ages 15-30 with the goal of creatively re-presenting the gospel in a generation-pertinent way - is currently in its 14th year of programming. MXTV is on the programming roster of most every major Christian network in the US including Daystar, NRB and SkyAngel, to name a few; serving a potential viewing audience of over 3.4 billion. The show is currently translated into Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Russian and Ukrainian, and will soon be translated into Urdu, Dutch and Arabic. With the online presence of their new WEBSITE at, MXTV is offering Independent Artists of every genre of music along with photographers, painters and others the opportunity to create a video to display the "heart of their art".

All VIDEOS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED WITH A VIMEO LINK - NOT A YOUTUBE LINK. If you have any further questions, please contact us at


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Video Submission Categories

Indie Music Video
Music videos can use a wide range of film making techniques, including but not limited to: live action (such as reality or sport), animation, documentary and non-narrative such as abstract film or a blend of the above. Get creative and send us your video!
Indie Short Film
For this area please submit any short film under 10 minutes.* We will also consider a series. These videos should be creative, original and quick. Quite simply, we are looking for innovative storytelling through video.
Indie Art Gallery Video
Are you a ‘professional amateur’ photographer or maybe a budding sculptor? Do you create unique jewelry or have a collection that you are proud of that has a story to tell? Put together a creative video with music behind it while you are explaining your unique pieces. There is an audience that wants to see your creations or collection. We are offering a place where they can view your art.
Indie Acoustic Music Video
This can be a more simplistic form of a music video, but we encourage you to make it visually interesting. Use more than one camera angle if possible. It does not necessarily need to be done in a studio or a professional setting. Many great performances have been recorded right off the computer, a small video recorder or even on an IPhone. HD is preferred if you are able to capture it in that format. But you MUST make sure the sound is of excellent quality. We are looking forward to hearing your song!