About mxtvUK

About mxtvUK

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mxtvUK is the UK division of MXTV. With a variety of hosts and co-hosts, mxtvUK is a tv show that exists to rePresent the Gospel to the youth of the UK. We will be shooting from the UK, along with bringing hosts and co-hosts to the United States to film episodes.


MXTV paints a new picture of evangelism by using technology to broaden the palette of ways for today’s young person to connect to God. MXTV is spoken in a language and set in a cultural context that today’s youth recognize as their own.

MXTV is a TV show. It’s the original voice in young evangelistic-multimedia. MXTV creatively rePresents God’s Word to the world through television, music, film, and Internet. The passion is that this media generation encounters God, resulting in their salvation.

Producing 199 episodes during 20 years of continual television broadcast, MXTV currently reaches a weekly potential audience of 3.4 billion people. Programming to 22 broadcasters in 7 languages (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russia, Ukrainian, Indonesian, & Dutch), MXTV ends each episode with an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. This commitment makes MXTV unique.